wall hanging intelligent toilets rimless easy clean commode ceramic toilet factory direct sale

Pure white color highlights visual penetration, creating a bright and barrier-free feeling. Simple design is combined with modern technology, innovative edge design, neat curve and smooth body.

• Item: IT-730(Wall Hanging)
• Material: Ceramic+UF+PBT
• Size: 600*385*400mm
• Flush Way: Siphonic Flush
• Hole Distance: 180mm
• Drainage Pattern: P-trap
• Water Pressure: 0.07-0.6MPa
• Water Flush Voluntarily: 5L

Seat SensorAuto Wall Wetting
Instant HeatingRemote
Nozzle Self- cleaningTank
Nozzle Manual CleanAuto Flush
Hip WashFeet Sensor Flush
Female WashOutage Flush
Mobile WashLeave protect
Massage WashSoft Close
Air bubbleCover Open/Close MethodManual
Children ModeSeat Heating
Auto DeodorizationSeat Temp Adjustment
Nozzle Position AdjustmentRimless
Water Pressure AdjustmentWarm Wind Drying
Water Temp AdjustmentWind Temp Adjustment
Multifunctional KnobLow Temp Protection
One Touch ModeSoft Light
Power SavingIntelligent Diagnosis
User MemoryAntibacterial Seat