China factory direct sale bathroom sink unit bathroom linen cabinets vanity

Model No.ORS30

Mounting type: Wall-hanging/Material:MDF/Number of Basin(s):1

Color close to solid wood texture, Ceramic basin, Square shape, MFC storage

  1. MFC cabinet in the color close to solid wood texture
  2. Even only one single & simple drawer cabinet,but could provide plenty storage space
  3. The flexible combination based on this simple unit becomes sundry different furniture to satisfy different bathroom layout

Main Cabinet
  1. Size:800x480x320x2mm
  2. MFCdoubledrawers cabinet
  3. Wall hung design, increase the use of space, easy to clean
  4. DTC bottom hidden rails
  5. Soft close
  6. Thedrawerhas a 45-degree groove for easy opening and closing

  1. Size:385x385x140mm
  2. Slim edge ceramic basin square shape
  3. Doesnt include the overflow
  4. Pup-up drainer, easy to take out and clean  
  5. Easy to install
  6. Crystal clear surface, smooth and delicate
  7. Not easy to stain, easy to clean, convenient for daily maintenance
  8. Attention: The faucet is not included 

  1. Size:800x700x150mm
  2. MFC mirror frame included shelf
  3. The frame is widened, can place somecommonly used items
  4. 5mm mirror glass

Side Cabinet
  1. Size:350x280x1600mm
  2. Free combination MFC storage
  3. Single door available for L/R open x2pcs
  4. There are baffles above and below the cabinet so items don't fall
  5. Wall hung unit, increase the use of space, easy to clean
  6. The door has a 45-degree groove for easy opening and closing
  7. WithtwoshelvesinsideNot adjustable, increase the storage space