Nice Design Factory Direct Sell Bathroom Sink Basin Vanity Unit Cabinet

Model No.ORS3

Mounting type: Wall hanging/Material:MDF/Number of Basin(s):2
Wooden color, Resin basin, MFC storage, Asymmetrical design, MFC mirror cabinet, with 2 side cabinets

  1. Wooden color MFC unit
  2. Asymmetrical design
  3. 4drawers soft closing runners
  4. Combine into a symmetric unit when put two single units together

  1. Size:1188x456x500mm
  2. MFC wall hung unit, increase the use of space, easy to clean
  3. 4 drawers, large storage space
  4. DTC HB metal rails
  5. Asymmetrical side panels
  6. The 4 drawers all hasa 45-degree groove for easy opening and closing

  1. Size:1200x460x30170mm
  2. Resin basin 600mm, edge 30mm  
  3. Crystal clear surface, smooth and delicate
  4. For two people to use at the same time, saving time
  5. Flat bottom, can place items, and the cup full of water will not tip
  6. Pup-up drainer, easy to take out and clean
  7. With overflow, improve the drainage capacity
  8. A little width was added to form a shelf for placing some commonly used items
  9. Not easy to stain, easy to clean, convenient for daily maintenance
  10. Attention: The faucet is not included

Mirror Cabinet
  1. Size:1188x456x500mm
  2. MFC mirror cabinet with 4shelves insideNot adjustable
  3. Large storage space
  4. 4 doors soft close
  5. Add some length at the bottom for easy switching
  6. Not easy to leave fingerprints on the mirror

Side Cabinet
  1. Size:400x350x1500mm x2pcs
  2. MDFmaterial
  3. Asymmetrical side panels
  4. Soft close 2doors
  5. The door has a 45-degree groove for easy opening and closing
  6. Large storage space